Retreat to Lake Arrowhead

Nightbloom was recently gifted a retreat in the San Bernadino Mountains. They decided to spend a few days writing while finding quiet time and rest.

Da momma wrote a new Christmas song! Jazzy helped add some spanish classical lead while she sang it by the fireplace. It was magical.


Jazzy got inspired and wrote a new Flamenco Rock Musical Show called "The Fastest Flamenco!" It will require 14 dancers/actors/bandmembers and it includes the greatest hits of Nightbloom, including Malaguena, Most evolved, Gypsy Fire and others that they love to rock out to.


 It is going to be exciting to see the musical come to life. Wendi got some downtime to practice and work on her arrangements. From what we all overheard, she sounds like RAIN, FIRE, AND WIND on the violin!! She is the fastest!

We cannot wait to share our music with you.

Come to Cafe Sevilla before the year ends to see what we have been doing. Merry Christmas and Aloha from Nightbloom!!!


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