Nightbloom at the Hawaii Yacht Club

Nightbloom recently played a uniquely stylistic show for the members of the Hawaii Yacht Club, who were there to surprise and celebrate Jimmy on his 75th birthday! 

Their sets included love ballads, Spanish classical guitar, Jazz standards, with old and new flamenco pieces. 

Before the sunset, the stage was set for the flamenco dancer named “Kaleo”, to perform and share her form fitting passionate style. Stomping her feet, snapping her fingers, and clapping her Palmas, she brought excitement and zest, all while accompanying the fiery fast flamenco guitar playing by Jazzy Jazz, bluesy and genuine vocals by Marlene, with the vigorous bowing of the gypsy violin by Windy Weather. 

The audience watched in stunned silence, and then phones came out; and then the people erupted with cheers and roared with excitement! 

At the end of the evening the audience danced and shared their love of music and flamenco performed by Nightbloom. The thanks was endless as everyone left full of memories they would cherish for a lifetime. 


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